Beith Juniors Fundraising Club



We want to build on our success and we appreciate the support of everyone who helps the club. Like many Junior clubs, however, we rely on a little number of people for a lot of financial support and we want to move towards a more sustainable approach, where we rely on a lot of people for a little financial support!


The fundraising club is made up of friends of Beith Juniors who are able to contribute £10 per month in support of the club. The funds raised through the fundraising club would be devoted to strengthening and developing the team allowing us to attract the best players and add more silverware to the trophy cabinet.


How do I sign up?


Complete a standing order form you can get from any Committee Member and return it and we will do the rest. Or, if you would like to make a single donation, hand a cheque to any Committee Member, made payable to Beith Juniors FC, for any amount.


Beith Juniors FC is a community club. We support the community and the community supports us in turn. The more we do together the stronger we will be.  Join our Fundraising Club and help make ‘The Mighty’ even mightier!




Support the club and win some money!! The lottery is 50p a shot and you can scoop the jackpot for matching 4 numbers in the lottery draw, £10 for matching 3 numbers.


Tickets are on sale throughout the town and from any committee member.


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