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Sunny day at the Astro

Beautiful day for a game of football

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors v Erskine Youth Red

The sun was shining the temperature was up and Beith were ready to face the competition.

The game started off strong with Beith controlling possession and making some excellent moves forward, whilst the defence was managing to hold off the advances of Erskine.

An exceptional move up the wing from Lewis Christie saw him manage to take a shot at the Erskine goal, it appeared from the sidelines that the ball was going to run out of momentum before crossing the line, Taylor Burns made the move to finish it off but got there just after the ball had gone over, giving Lewis the first goal of the game.

Erskine didn’t take it lying down and within a couple of plays managed to balance the scoring, Beith regrouped to try and take the lead again but the Erskine defence had somehow managed to brick wall their goal.

At the opposite end of the pitch Dylan, Adam and John were doing their best to fend off Erskine’s attacks but somehow they were managing to cut through, leaving Liam to pull off some excellent saves, but some shots were just unstoppable. This gave Erskine a good lead before the referee blew for half time.

A reshuffle of Beith’s formation and Dylan returning to the goals saw Beith start the 2nd half with a more defensive line-up. But Erskine were still able to cut through the field. A few excellent breaks from Timo from midfield to the Erskine box just couldn’t find their way home.

After coming on early in the 2nd half Andrew proved to be a force to be reckoned with, stopping numerous Erskine attacks and turning the play advantage in Beith’s favour unfortunately Beith weren’t able to get the ball to the back off the net while Erskine were managing to get the occasional shot through.

Excellent play from the whole squad with special mention to Dylan for his outfield play in the first half and Liam for an excellent shift in goals but the man of the match this week goes to Andrew Gemmell for being almost everywhere and shutting down the opposition attacks.

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, Adam Walker, John Boyd, Andrew Gemmell, Timo Dobson, Calum McDonald, Lewis Christie, Liam Smith.

Rain stops as play begins

Dry match for Beith

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors v Linwood Rangers Blue

It looked as though it was going to be another wet game for the 2002s but the weather god was looking after them and switched off his shower just before kick-off.

The boys started incredible strong with Liam Smith debuting in goals with regular keeper Dylan Jackson taking up an outfield position. The boys kept control of the game for the first 20 minutes but just couldn't get capitalise on their offensive play, but were managing to win the ball in defence and play it forward only for the shots to go wide or high.

The dynamic of the team was working well that the coaches were reluctant to put on either of the substitutes and risk upsetting the balance, however after a corner set piece from Linwood which saw Linwood open the scoring and Beith player Todd Norris sustain a slight injury a substitution had to be made.

Liam made some brilliant saves but there were a few shots from Linwood that no keeper would have been able to stop saw Linwood pull out a lead in the game.

A reshuffle of the team at half time saw Dylan go back in goal and Liam take up an outfield role, the boys continued to play well and managed to firm up half way through the 2nd half but the middle section of the game saw Linwood take an insurmountable lead.

Special mention this week to Liam for his brilliant performance in goal during the 1st half, Dylan for his brilliant outfield performance but man of the match for this week was Adam Walker who was wholly committed to his defensive role throughout the game and never once backed off from a tackle or a run.

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, Adam Walker, John Boyd, Timo Dobson, Calum McDonald, Lewis Christie, Todd Norris, Liam Smith.

The 2002s award ceremony will take place on 15th June at Lochbarr Indoor Football Centre, Lochwinnoch.

Soggy Saturday at Beith Astro

Awesome performance by Beith

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors v St Mirren

Even though the only summer day we’ve had this year was 6th May, the 2002s have so far managed to avoid actually playing in the rain.

Both teams come out fighting regardless of the weather with some brilliant play from both sides, it seems to be deadlock for the first 5 minutes of the game until St Mirren break through and open the scoring. Beith regroup and start to fight back but some great passing play see St Mirren take another goal from Beith.

Every single Beith player continues their commitment to the game and there are a few opportunities for Taylor, Liam and Lewis to shoot but on the day the St Mirren keeper proved to be impenetrable and St Mirren seem to manage to sneak through Beith defence and get their shots on target.

The first have ends with St Mirren having a substantial lead over Beith.

A mix up of the Beith positions at half time, boosts the boys confidence going into the 2nd half and Beith manage to hold their own during the rest of the game with the only goal being scored from the half way line by St Mirren, credit where credit is due and it was a fantastic shot.

Special mention this week to John Boyd who performed excellent in his defensive roll, Timo Dobson who on a few occasions was out pacing the St Mirren midfield but it new comer Calum McDonald that got the man of the match award for total commitment during the game and not putting a foot wrong regardless of the position he was playing in.

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, John Boyd, Andrew Gemmell, Timo Dobson, Calum McDonald, Lewis Christie, Todd Norris, Liam Smith.

So near but yet so far

Awesome performance by Beith

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Renfrew Victoria YFC Blue v Beith Juniors 2002s

The Badgers this week took a road trip to Renfrew to play their first away game for a couple of months which let them play a game on grass. Even though a couple of players couldn't make the match due to illness and unavailability Beith the rapidly growing Beith team were still able to field a strong squad.

It took the boys a few minutes to settle into the speed of the game on grass but managed to hold their own with the play perfectly balanced and the ball passed from end to end. It was Renfrew that broke the deadlock and opened the scoring with a lovely little shot that the Beith keeper Dylan could do nothing about. This seemed to really fire up the Beith squad and moments later Taylor gets the opportunity to blast a shot right passed the Renfrew keeper. The play for the rest of the half was again perfectly balanced with some fantastic football from each team.

Both defences were performing exceptionally well, the midfields totally committed and the attackers when getting the ball doing nothing wrong as both keepers were faultless too.

The second half kicked off with the scoresheet level, again it was Renfrew that was to score the first goal of this half to tip the game in their favour, however it wasn't long before a formidable strike by Taylor that was set up for him perfectly by Lewis levelled the score once again.

Beith were keeping the pressure on this time and brilliant passing play saw the ball reach the feet of Todd in midfield who managed to pass a few Renfrew players before sending the ball home to give Beith the lead for the first time in the match. Beith kept on the offensive and there was a lot of the play in the air with some fantastic headers especially from recent signing Calum. All the aerial play paid off with Taylor securing his hat-trick via a fantastically played header slipping the all past the Renfrew keeper.

Renfrew fought back however and another two goals managed to level the score once again. Beith were starting to tire by this point as the whole team found the going particularly heavy on the grass pitch, and it was Renfrew that managed to secure the game via a shot in the last minute.

Fantastic play from both teams with special mention to Liam, a resigning for Beith who played a fantastic match from start to finish even shaking off a couple of injuries during the game. Also to Taylor for continue his new found scoring streak and securing his first hat-trick for the team.

A game of two halves

Beith control the first half

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v Giffnock FC Napoli

AIf ever the footballing cliché of it’s a game of two halves were to be applied to yet another match then the 2002s match on Saturday would fit the description perfectly.

Beith came out incredibly strong at the start of their game against Giffnock SC Lazio, Taylor Burns opened the scoring by blasting a shot right past Giffnock’s keeper to give Beith an early lead, not long after Taylor took another attempt at goal this time the ball ricocheted off the post to be picked up by John Boyd taking Beith further ahead, Giffnock weren’t taking Beith’s lead lying down and managed to pull two goals back to level the scoring.

Beith fought back this time with a break from Lewis Christie seeing Beith once again take the lead. Beith pressed forward yet again and had loads of players in the Giffnock box as they took a corner this time it was Andrew Gemmell that got the ball across the line.

Giffnock staged another come back quickly levelling the score and just before half time managed to take the lead of the match.

Beith seemed to lose focus after Giffnock got the lead and while every player on the pitch was giving 100% commitment and playing some great football they just weren’t functioning as a team, it was this that allowed Giffnock to slip through and score goal after goal in the 2nd half.

Taylor Burns was awarded man of the match for his brilliant performance up front. The coaches will be concentrating on working as a team at this week’s training session.

Progress being made

New player helps squad development

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v Barrhead Wasps

Another early Saturday morning kick-off for the 2002s, only this week the boys were all wide awake and ready for the match. Professional pride has set in with the boys after the last few weeks that has seen a lot of change to the team.

It was end to end play as both Beith and Barrhead pushed the ball forward but great defending from both teams saw the scoresheet remain empty.

It was a break from Barrhead that ultimately lead to the first goal of the match being scored with the ball managing to trickle over the goal line, Beith pushed forward to try and redress the balance but this was opening up their defence and Barrhead were able to capitalise on this and score another few goals without reply from Beith.

It wasn't from the lack of shots though as John Boyd's brilliant strike was stopped by the Barrhead keeper and an absolutely cracking attempt at goal from Taylor Burns to corner of the goal just went ever so wide.

It was Timo Dobson for Beith that managed to start Beith's come back with a perfectly placed shot making it all the way home quickly followed by another Beith goal slipping past the Barrhead keeper. It looked as though the comeback was on but another goal eluded Beith even with pulling a player from defence and going for a more attacking formation.

Try as they might Beith just couldn't get another ball between the posts, Calum McDonald on his debut for Beith had an amazing game playing superbly in defence in the first half before taking on the position of attacker in the 2nd and again stepping up to the mark brilliantly.

Special mention to Beith keeper Dylan Jackson who throughout the match was vocal in coaching his defence moving off his line perfectly to stop the Barrhead attackers in their tracks making him this week's Man of the Match.

Holidays play havoc

Beith struggle by

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v Quarriers United

The team this week were very short of players due to the Easter holidays and it took the coaches all their time to scrape together 7 players so that they could take to the pitch. The eclectic team didn't gel straight away and they seemed to concede goal after goal to the stronger Quarriers side in the first 10 minutes of the match.

A bit of switching around saw Beith start to strength and stop the attack of the Quarrier's team and start to hold their own in the remainder of the half.

After another reshuffle at half team Beith came out a much stronger side with quite a few shots finding their way through the Quarriers defence only to goal wide, high or be stopped by the keeper. But hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity saw Lewis get the ball into the back of the net with the final kick of the match. Too little too late but the second half performance of Beith was brilliant.

Match cancelled

Too many kids on holiday for match to go ahead

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v East End Athletic

Beith had too many players unavailable this week for the match to go ahead, hopefully the game can be rescheduled at some point in the future.

Weather ends play

2002s match off due to snowy conditions

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v Erskine Youth

With the snow falling on Friday and a bitterly cold wind blowing and with no sign of it easing off the decision was made to cancel the game between Beith and Barrjead Youth.

It turned out to be a wise decision as the there's was no break in the weather and by Saturday morning the Astro wasn't suitbale for play.

The next game will be after the school easter holidays.

A game of two halves

Second half sees a different Beith

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Barrhead Red v Beith Juniors 2002s

Saturday saw Beith travel away to Barrhead  for what turned out to be a game of two halves.

The first 5 mins saw both teams play some excellent football but after 5 minutes had passed Barrhead opened the scoring and it seemed as though Beith just disappeared with Barrhead being the much more dominant side.

However with 5 minutes remaining of the 1st have Beith found their 2nd win and Barrhead’s attacks were being shut down or stopped by the Beith keeper.

It was a reshuffle at half time and what a transformation from Beith the boys were rejuvenated with a few shots managing to make it as far as the Barrhead keeper, yes Barrhead still managed to score a few more goals than Beith in the second half but Beith kept on getting the ball on target with Timo Dobson scoring Beith’s only goal of the game.

There was 100% commitment from every player during the second half of that game and it was only luck that stopped some of the goals going in. Todd Norris was awarded man of the match for Beith though after moving from his upfront position in the first half to defense a role that he took to straight away shutting down attackers much bigger than himself.

Every boy enjoyed the game and came away smiling even though the result wasn’t in their favour, but at this level of football winning is nice, but it isn’t everything.

Squad: Dylan Jackson, Lewis Christie, Callum Reid, Todd Norris, Adam Walker, John Boyd, Andrew Gemmell, Timo Dobson.

Cold and frosty morning

Warm start on a cold day chills before heating up

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL
Beith Juniors 2002s v Linwood Rangers

It was a freezing cold morning as Beith kicked off their match against Linwood Rangers. The game was very evenly matched for the first 10 minutes and each team's attack was foiled by the opposition, Timo Dobson almost claimed first blood with a strike that looked to be sailing past the Linwood keeper but it was carried by the wind and went just over the bar. Linwood turned play around and took the lead on the score sheet. A change of striker for Beith saw Lewis Christie almost score with his first touch of the game but the goal post put paid to that.

Again Linwood replied with a break for goal and managed to get the ball in the back of the net. The play was evenly matched until Linwood got another two goals past Beith, then the goals were coming thick and fast without a reply from Beith.

Late on in the 2nd half Beith took the opportunity to score and this lifted the teams' spirits but it was too little too late.

Brilliant play from all the boys with the consensus of opinion giving Timo Dobson match of the match for his continual hard work and a nearly goal that could have saw the match end with a completely different scoreline.

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, John Boyd, Lewis Christie, Timo Dobson, Callum Reid, Todd Norris, Andrew Gemmell, Adam Walker

Badgers on grass

Shuffling the cete gains improvements

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL – Tier 2
Giffnock Lazio SC v Beith Juniors 2002s

A lot of changes with the Badgers this week coupled with their 1st game on grass since last year saw the boys mature and get more out of their football.

The scoreline doesn't seem to reflect the way match was played as Beith had many shots on target but just couldn't get the ball past the Lazio keeper.

Callum and Lewis were continually getting the ball on target but they were being stopped before they crossed the line. At one point it looked as though Callum was bringing the goals down with a powerful strike.

The new coaching style and team formation which seemed strange at first to the supports saw the boys get clear and concise instructions from the sidelines and implement them without confusion. Even though the result wasn't in Beith's favour the boys came off the pitch feeling positive and incredibly comfortable with their new positions.

Adam relocated from his usual up front position used his skills more beneficially further down the pitch and felt more relaxed and confident which resulted in an outstanding performance, leading to a split decision for man of the match title, in the end it was John Boyd that was awarded man of the match, total commitment from start to finish, millimetre perfect passing and strong, confident tackling saw John being awarded the Man of the Match.

It has to be said though that every player on the field perfomed brilliantly although it took some longer to settle into their new positions and playing style, Timo, Todd, Taylor, Callum all manage to adapt and settle in after the 1st 10 minutes of the game. Lewis was getting the ball into the box continually after he was swapped with Todd and the two of them shared the up front role with excellent performances from both. Andrew's time in mid-field saw him perform some excellent tackles to turn the play around from the centre of the pitch. Dylan was the only player to remain in his traditional position but again his performance was fantastic.

Onwards and upwards with Badger power!

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, John Boyd, Lewis Christie, Timo Dobson, Callum Reid, Todd Norris, Andrew Gemmell, Adam Walker

New season kick-off

Team work and fun

Paisley Johnstone & District YFL – Tier 2
Beith Juniors 2002s v Giffnock SC

For their first league game of the new season Beith were up against the time that they played a friendly against last week, a total coincidence as the friendly fixture was arranged and played before the league fixtures were published.

This time round Beith totally gelled as a team, on top of the great individual performance during the pre-season friendly Beith are now working together as a team. Communication, passing and trust between all the players has been greatly improved.

On the day though Giffnock were the stronger side but it was great to see all the boys playing football with a smile on their faces even though the scoreline wasn’t in their favour, Beith only goal was by Liam Smith who also had another great attempt at goal but hit the crossbar bounced down and then out, leaving some of the spectators calling for goal-line technology but the referee said no goal and play continued.

Every player performed exceptionally well during the whole match and if spaced allowed every player should be name for a special mention, but it is Taylor Burns that was man of the match as circumstances dictated his new found home in defence.

Beith: Dylan Jackson, Taylor Burns, John Boyd, Lewis Christie, Timo Dobson, Callum Reid, Todd Norris, Liam Smith, Adam Walker, Jamie Pattie

Pre-season learning curve

It was a defeat but it was positive

2013 Beith Juniors Badger Squad

The 2002 Badgers played a friendly at the AstroTurf on Friday night, this was their first game against a Paisley, Johnstone and District team. The score line of 2-14 to St Andrew's really doesn't reflect the way Beith played.

It was the Badgers' first game since November and the boys were a little rusty especially in the 1st half which ended 1-10. Coach Stewart's half-time talk saw the Badgers up their game and a 2nd half scoreline of 1-4 is a much better representation of the level of play.

All credit to St Andrew's who did passing play and tactical play that would put many an SPL side to shame, it was definately a learning game for Beith and was great to experience what they are going to be up against when the season starts on the 23rd February.

Not only did the boys learn a thing or two but the coaches now know the areas that they have to focus on during the training sessions.

Special note should go to Dylan for some amazing saves, Jamie for passionate defending and the sneakiest backheeled goal and Lewis for his commitment to the game.

Badgers meet Pandas

Beith Caledonian take a trip to St Mirren

Beith Juniors visit St Mirren

Beith Caledonian (2002s) had a day out with a visit to the SPL match, St Mirren v St Johnstone, the players and coaches were invited through St Mirren’s grassroots programme. The boys got to witness some fantastic football and with 2 players being sent off a couple of examples of how not to do it.

Beith Caledonian Team Photo

Kids Christmas Crunch

Beith 2001s v Coaches and parents

The 2001s Christmas party took place this week with a footballing flavour. The 2001s team took on the coaches and parents in a friendly indoor match, the game was incredibly high scoring but it was the team that showed the adults a thing or two by beating them 16-11. Was the result a reflection on the fantastic skills of the team coaches, or the lack of fitness amongst the adults?

2001s and parents